2014 Motion Graphics Reel
May 2014 27

Fresh new reel for 2014, featuring plenty of updated work. Enjoy!

Veterans of Foreign Wars
May 2014 27

In 2012, I had the chance to work with a couple of agencies on some projects for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The United for Veterans campaign focused on bringing people together over important veterans issues in the midst of a divisive political season. One of the pieces of this campaign encouraged supporters to claim badges that they could display via social media to bring awareness to the VFW and show their support for our nation’s veterans.

Random selections would be made from the pool of user-generated badges, and then those badges would be displayed all over NYC’s Times Square on outdoor video screens, bringing further awareness to veterans issues, and giving the VFW’s supporters a fun few seconds of fame.

Working from designs provided by The Winn Group, I whipped up a short 15-second animation that incorporated randomized selections of user badges (along with featured celebrity badges) along with the campaign’s visuals, with an eye towards how it would all look displayed on the large outdoor screens throughout Times Square.

Once the basic form of the animation was done, I adapted it to a variety of screen sizes and unique layouts for use on a total of 9 screens or networks throughout the city (including the ABC SUPERSIGN, the MTV screen in Times Square, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal’s LED billboard). A short project, and challenging due to juggling all the different formats/layouts/tech specs needed by each sign, all under a tight deadline, but a rewarding project also (who doesn’t like to see their work up on a big screen?).

May 2014 27

I concepted, designed, and animated this broadcast graphics package for The Record Breaker (a reality tv-style program produced by Trost Moving Pictures), including a show open, two bumpers, a “next week on” teaser graphic, lower thirds, and some wipes/transitions.

The show featured a man attempting to break the world record for people racing in “Zorbs” (basically, giant inflatable hamster balls that people can get inside and then run in), and I ended up recreating a zorb in Cinema4D and working it into the lower thirds, as well as using it rolling by as a transitional graphic.

Mar 2013 15

Had a TON of fun putting this video together. Personally, I love handmade textures, lovely messy rough edges, and all things analog, so it was great to be able to play with all of those elements in this promo video.

Check these guys out, btw – pretty easy and great way to earn money for charity through normal online purchases. http://www.socialvest.us

Mar 2013 15

Promo I made for the National Children’s Cancer Society. Fun to make, and for a good cause, too.

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