Nov 2011 29

Did some work earlier this year, designing and animating some live concert visuals used during the opening festivities of a youth-oriented arena event, and it was a super fun project to work on, with lots of creative freedom and wide open creative brief. The above video was the background visuals for a section of the kick-off of the event, featuring dancers live on the stage. Check it out in action:

After the dancers came a drumline performance. We needed to have the live audio from the onstage drumline drive the graphics. I decided to skip over the usual automated audio visualizer stuff, and do something a little more interesting: designing and animating a trippy, hipster-meets-Roger-Dean-album-cover background (with some New York landmark flair – since the event was marketed to the tri-state area and held near NYC). I broke the whole thing up into pieces and reassembled them in Modul8, which let me set up dynamic animations for different elements where they would respond to the volume levels of different audio frequencies.

All in all it was a TON of fun to work on. I love these projects, where the goal is simply to make something rad that people will enjoy seeing.

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